Zaino multitasche interne Laptop BackPack Side Zip front pocket Tent Railway - with Lining

SKU: BWANTB-76.215.R.22.23.railway


Internal Multi-pocket Backpack, Laptop, Tablet, in Recycled Train Tarpaulin with vegetable tanned leather details, backpack washed and treated on the finished garment

Each single garment has original details and details of the tarpaulin, which make the garment even more unique, a uniqueness that makes the garment even more unique and Artiginal.

Washed garment greased with special processes that make the garment even more unique

Measure Cm 30x H.39 x18 + pocket
(The measurements may have small variations due to the different reaction to the treatments carried out on the finished garment +/- 5%)

20 liters

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