Borsa Zaino Pilota Tote Pilot/BackPack Medium Size Tent RAIL Original

SKU: BWANTB.76.218.R


Bag - Pilot Backpack

Tote Pilot/BackPack Medium Size Tent RAIL Original - Telone Indiano Riciclato

The bag is also a backpack, the shoulder straps can be inserted in the pocket when not needed, moreover the bag is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap with carabiners.

convenient triple function bag: Bag, Backpack, Shoulder Strap

Measure Cm 34 x H.36 x 14 + 2 front pockets
(The measurements may have small variations due to the different reaction to the treatments carried out on the finished garment +/- 5%)

Liters 17

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The Black Bag Onlus


Blackbag si occupa di pulizia delle spiagge e sensibilizzazione rispetto all’ecologia e la salvaguardia dell’habitat marino.

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