Uniqueness and Style on Postalmarket

We recently went out on Postalmarket who has dedicated to us, as well as a section of our products on their ecommerce, also an article that we report entirely.


The brand was born from the desire to tell a story through innovative materials and an interest in sustainability B.WANT.B, specializing in the production of bags, backpacks and accessories strictly Made in Italy.

Tuscan company, initially engaged in production for third parties such as Timberland, Napapijri, and other international brands, decided in 2009 to launch its own brand.

It all starts with one of the many trips to India. This departure was dictated by the irrepressible need to discover new materials, expectations were not disappointed and the research brought to light a new material with great potential: the tarps of disused Indian military trucks. Valentino, founding partner of the company, immediately fell in love with it and the creation of the new brand started from there.

"I didn't know I was sustainable"

In 2009 the great adventure began: B.WANT.B exploits the know-how acquired over the years of production for third parties and starts its own business, but with a novelty, the recovery tarpaulins.

The choice to introduce it in its production was born from the pleasure of recovering a material that already had its own history, giving it new life. 

In order for this material to give its best, it is necessary to choose to proceed with an artisanal production. By working with a scissor cut it is possible to give value to existing details on the tarpaulin such as seams, trims and other small details that characterize it, giving uniqueness to each piece.

Another protagonist material is vegetable tanned leather with tannin. This is by far the most environmentally sustainable tanning method. Objects made of this material can last for generations and, once their cycle of use is over, they can be disposed of easily and transformed into fertilizer for agriculture.

These are sustainable materials, which respect the environment, which were used at a time when the idea of sustainability was not yet perceived as a necessity.


Who wears B.WANT.B?

B.WANT.B offers a wide range of unisex products, for women and men looking for garments that have their own identity, craftsmanship and history, especially appreciated by those looking for a country, vintage taste and a biker style.

What does the future have to offer?

B.Want.B broadens its offer with the imminent release of T-shirts, strictly in organic cotton, but enriched with unique and characteristic prints.

Another important release: two new lines of bags, this time with the use of a new material, cotton canvas, a very resistant version of cotton, worked with yarns twisted in warp and weft to give greater strength and resistance. Also in this case the raw material is from organic cultivation, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Certain values never die and thanks to intuition, foresight and the desire to do something beautiful, B.WANT.B makes space on the market by reaching the hearts of people. 

100% Italian style made using materials that have traveled thousands of kilometers on the roads of India. Their creations give new life to these materials and allow them to continue their journey alongside the wearer, traveling together new roads, new places, towards new adventures. The handmade and Made in Italy make this product real, authentic, built not only with innovative materials and processes, but based on real values, which make the difference.

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