Uniqueness and style

Each single product is made using and recycling decommissioned Indian truck tarpaulins, with a detailed selection of the parts to be used, with scissor cut panel by panel, we use only vegetable tanned or semi-vegetable tanned leather for details.

The workmanship is 100% Artisan Made in ITALY, selecting the details of the tarpaulin that will make the bag you are buying unique, the fabric of the Cordura tarpaulins in Canvas Wax weave Cotton, after traveling for thousands of km on the roads of India returns a new life on your bag, with a craftsmanship in every single step, traveling again with you on new roads, in new places, for new adventures.

Each bag tells its story, its experience, every imperfection on the fabric tells a uniqueness not a defect, the imperfections on the leather are the sign of a natural product and not a defect.

Thus, each bag it is one of a kind, keeping as a peculiarity only the "cut" of the model, but every small and unique detail that we use of the tarpaulin, makes the bag you are buying a unique piece

details that make the difference


The search for the beauty of each individual garment passes through the selection of materials, manufacturing, attention to treatments and design, the lack of even one of these elements makes the research itself vain.

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